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ESH #39 | Leaving No Question Unanswered

Envision Self-Healing Coaching CallIn this podcast Will talks about seeing new clear areas in his periphery, areas where the static has cleared. Richard talks about inventing a new eye exercise that combines head rotations with eye rotations.

They also talk about the importance of getting all your questions answered about eye exercises. Unanswered questions lead to doubt and procrastination; they take away your motivation. On the other hand if you can get your questions answered, you will be confident in knowing how and why you are improving your eyesight.

They then talk about their new Q & A phone sessions that they will be starting up and how they will launch them as a free bonus to the  updated Eye Exercise Express.

In the question of the week Will and Richard answer the question of whether farsightedness is now less common than in previous generations.

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