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ESH #42 | Overcoming Barriers to Natural Vision Improvement: Part 3

Overcoming barriers to naural vision improvement part 3In this final episode of a three part series Will and Richard target “lack of understanding” and the “quick fix mentality” as two key barriers to natural vision improvement.

Do eye exercises work? Just try one for 10 minutes and see if you notice any improvement. Although improvements can be subtle, most people notice improvements almost instantly.

This shows that the eye exercises work.  However, to get the most out of vision improvement we need to perform the eye exercises on a long term basis so that better vision becomes our normal vision.

If we can learn to overcome our barriers to natural vision improvement we allow ourselves to perform the eye exercises over the period of time that our eyes need to see long term improvements.

In the question of the week this week they respond to a You Tube viewer asking if spending long hours at the computer can effect vision?

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