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ESH #47 | 5 Steps to a Successful New Year’s Resolution: Set A Time Frame


The clock is ticking! With this last podcast in the five part series on Creating a Successful New Year’s Resolution you will now be able to finish making your goal and start working on achieving it!

InSuccessful New Year’s Resolution - Set a Time Frame this week’s podcast Will and Richard discuss making your goal “Timely,” which is the final part of the SMART goal setting approach. By setting a relevant and attainable time frame to your goal you create motivation and urgency to achieve it.

However, If the time frame is too long then there is a lack of urgency to complete the goal as you have “plenty of time to achieve it.” If you do not allow enough time then you create too much negative pressure on yourself and could make the goal unattainable.

The question of the week this week came from the Envision Self-Healing Facebook Fanpage. The questioner asked  “Can juicing make eyesight worse?”


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