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ESH #5 | Flex Your Lens and Look At Details to Improve Your Eyesight

Flex the lens of the EyeIn our modern day lifestyle we are making two big mistakes with our vision to make it blurry. First, we spend all day long looking close. Looking close contracts the muscles around the lenses in our eyes. We believe that squeezing our lenses this way for many hours a day can lead to vision conditions such as presbyopia and cataracts. To help overcome this and improve eyesight we want to spend more time looking into the distance.

Second we ignore the fine details in the world around us. We are wasting the talents of our macula, the tiny spots at the back of our eyes that specialize in seeing fine detail and color. When we don’t use our macula we tend to lose our macula, potentially leading to macular degeneration. In order to improve our eyesight we can perform the eye exercise shifting and the eye exercise sunning.

In this podcast Will and Richard discuss these two important topics as well as answer a common question about the eye exercises palming from a Youtube viewer.

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