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ESH #50 | What is Presbyopia (Age Related Farsightedness)?


What is Presbyopia? Otherwise known as Age Related Farsightedness or “old age farsightedness,” this eye condition first occurs at middle age when the lens inside our eye becomes stiff and the muscles that we use to bend the lens become weak.

presbyopiaThis stiffness and weakness makes it difficult to focus our eyes on a close object like a book or a menu. Presbyopia forces us to start wearing “reading” glasses when we can’t hold text far enough away.

So what can I do about presbyopia?

You can start buying stronger and stronger reading glasses and let your eyes get weaker and weaker or you can try the Presbyopia eye exercises program on this website!

In the question of the week Will and Richard answer a question about oversensitivity to light or “light phobia.”

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