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ESH #55 | Top 3 Eye Exercises for Myopia or Nearsightedness


Anyone who has Myopia (Nearsightedness) and has heard about natural vision improvement wants to know which eye exercises will improve their blurry vision in the distance.

Our approach to self-healing is to improve eyesight holistically. We work on all aspects of the body to improve vision. However, we also know that those who want to help blurry vision or stop their Myopia (Nearsightedness) from getting worse want to know the top eye exercises which are specific to improving their sight..

Audio of Ocean Beach for Eye ExercisesThe first eye exercise for Myopia can be seen as common sense. Simply do the opposite of what caused your Nearsightedness in the first place, look far. The eye exercise Distance Looking is as simple as finding an object or view that is 20 ft or more away from you and then relaxing and softly gazing into the distance.

The second eye exercise that we recommend for improving Nearsightedness is Palming. This exercise helps to deeply relax the eyes from all the hard work they perform throughout the day. Most people report greatly reduced eyestrain as a pleasant side effect.

The final top eye exercise for Myopia is Sunning. This eye exercise helps constrict the pupils, making eyesight clearer. It also activates the cone cells, which are responsible for crisp detailed vision.

In the question of the week, we answer a listener who wonders why his vision has not improved after doing one month of eye exercises.

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