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ESH #57 | Top Three Eye Exercises for Presbyopia / Age Related Farsightedness


What is Presbyopia or Age Related Farsightedness? Put simply Presbyopia is a weakening of the eye muscles and a stiffening of the lens.  Just like any other muscle in the body you can strengthen your eye muscles if you know what exercises to do and how to do them. In this podcast we discuss the three top eye exercises to improve presbyopia so that you can read much easier and clearer!

Presbyopia Exercises1. Convergence/Presbyopia Eye Chart

This first eye exercise for age related farsightedness is the Presbyopia Eye Chart which can be found by clicking HERE. This free eye chart has everything you need to start improving your vision. By converging your eyes (crossing the eyes) you are strengthening the eye muscles and structures which are used in accommodation (focusing on close objects).

2. Near and Far Eye Exercise

The Near and Far Eye Exercise is also meant to strengthen the weakened muscles in the eye which are the cause of presbyopia. The reason for this is straight forward. When you look near the structures needed to make vision clear when looking close are being exercosed. Then when you look into the distance those muscles and your whole eye relaxes. It is easy to see how doing this vision “push up” can strengthen your eyesight and allow vision improvement to take place.

3. Sunning Eye Exercise

When looking at close objects the pupil constricts to make vision clearer. With age related farsightedness we want to strengthen the muscles of the pupil so we can obtain the sharpest sight possible.  The Sunning Eye Exercises continuously constricts and dilates the pupil allowing the eye to build strength. It also fully activates the cone cells, which are the cells in the eye that give us crisp clear vision.

In the question of the week we discuss how to improve eyesight by performing the palming eye exercise when feeling stressed.

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  • Kevin

    When I use the convergence chart as you instruct I usually see 3 “O”s. As I continue the “O” on the left will dissapear for a second or so and then reappear. Same result using a pen to focus on.
    Is this normal? What should I be doing differently?
    Read the FAQ and searched the site but didn’t find anything that addressed this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Envision Admin

      This is normal, as your eyes strengthen over time it will get easier to hold the three o’s.

      Make sure you’re not straining, do plenty of palming and distance looking and keep up the good work!

      • Kevin

        So it’s OK if I’m seeing 3 “O”s? I’m still doing it correctly? Or do I need to keep trying to refocus so that I’m only seeing one?

        • envision

          Yes it’s ok to see three O’s. There is a full 10 minute guide on this exercise with the Eye Exercise Express if that would help 🙂

  • sophie badami

    After I got a stye on my left eyelid 2 months ago, my eyes tend to feel heavy,tired and dry. How can I relieve this condition naturally? Please guide

    • Well done for seeking a solution! You need a health and wellness program that focuses on relaxing your eyes, prevents fatigue and reduces strain. This would be very specific to you, your eyes and your lifestyle. If you would like to set up a discoervy call to see how my work could help you with that please let me know 🙂

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