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ESH #65 | How to Improve Vision


There are many professionals in natural vision improvement who each have their own ways to improve vision. For us there is not one single thing or activity that will improve eyesight. Rather, it is a collection of components that when put together is not only a recipe for good eyesight but is a simple way for you to understand how to improve vision naturally.

The five main components needed to improve vision are as follows:

  1. Remove Eyestrain

  2. Eye Exercises

  3. Lifestyle

  4. Nutrition

  5. Blood flow

How to Improve Vision Component 1: Remove Eyestrain

When we have eyestrain it shows that the eye is under stress and strain. When we have a cold or are feeling sick we need to rest to remove stress and strain in order for our health to return.  This is true for our eyes too. When we remove eyestrain and our eyes are in a state of relaxation then visual health can return and our vision can start improving.

Peripheral Eye Exercise Richard Miller

How to Improve Vision Component 2: Eye Exercises

If you want to strengthen your legs, you go running. If you want to be even more specific and strengthen the muscles in the front of your legs, you can do leg extensions with some weights. The same can be said when you want to improve vision. What exercise you do depends on what part of the eye you want to strengthen.

For example, if you want to strengthen the ciliary muscles, the muscles that round the lens so you can see clear up close; you would then do an eye exercise that strengthens those muscles.

How to Improve Vision Component 3: Lifestyle

How we use our bodies on a daily basis determines how our body functions. Imagine if you tied your left arm behind you back and only used your right for a week or so. It wouldn’t take long for your right arm to become stronger than the left. Further, the left would become even weaker from under use. If you want your vision to improve you must be sure you are using your eyes in a way that keeps the whole visual system strong and healthy. You must make sure you are not only working one part or neglecting to use other parts.

For example, people tend to spend most of their time looking from near using the ciliary muscle in the eye to round the lens. This contraction of these muscles and the constant rounding of the lens becomes the normal function. Then, when you then want to look far away you find that the structure of your eye is stuck in its habitual close looking function and so you cannot see clearly in the distance.

How to Improve Vision Component 4: Nutrition

It’s a simple fact that we are what we eat. If you eat food that is low in nutrients then your cells do not have the building materials needed to build a strong healthy body. Our vision is not separate from our body and is also influenced by the nutrients we eat. A well known example is the connection between a vitamin A deficiency and night blindness. If we eat nutritious food that nourishes both the body and eyes, building strength in our visual cells, then we can expect better vision to follow.

How to Improve Vision Component 5: Blood flow

You can have a great amount of nutrients in the body, but if you don’t have a efficient transportation system to deliver those nutrients around the body then the body and eyes will still not get everything it needs to improve eyesight.

Good blood flow not only delivers nutrients and life giving oxygen to the cells of the body, but also removes waste. This is even more true in the eyes. When we perceive light a process known as phototransduction occurs that converts light into electricity so the visual message can be sent to the brain. This process creates debris which needs to be cleared efficiently for good vision to be maintained and improved.

How to Improve Vision Summary

Now we hope you can see why it is difficult to answer someone when they say, “So how can I improve my vision?” Especially in a 140 character tweet! It may seem at first that there is too much to do in order to improve eyesight. However, at a second glance you will notice that it is not that different from what every doctor around the world is advising people to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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