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ESH #68 | Top Four Eye Exercises for Farsightedness (Hyperopia)



In this weeks podcast we discuss the top four eye exercises for farsightedness (Hyporopia). Be not sure not to confuse Farsightedness or Hyperopia with Age Related Farsightedness otherwise known as Presbyopia.

This is important because he eye exercises that we recommend are different because the cause of the Farsightedness is different. If you are unsure what kind of farsightedness you have, please check out our previous podcast. You can also click here – ESH #67 | What is Farsightedness?

Bringing Balance to the EyesA farsighted person is already under a lot of visual strain from the continuous contraction of the ciliary muscles that focus the eyes. For this reason it is important to make sure the eyes are relaxed before performing some of the more strenuous eye exercises. This is why we have put the shifting exercise last. Do the three proceeding exercises first to create a more relaxed visual system.

Top Four Eye Exercises for Farsightedness (Hyperopia)

  • Eye Exercise 1: Peripheral Vision Eye Exercise

    When using the periphery, accommodation does not take place. This eye exercise allows the constantly contracting ciliary muscles of the farsighted person to rest and relax..

  • Eye Exercise 2: Palming Eye Exercise

    This eye exercise is essential to vision improvement, as it rests and relaxes the eyes. It achieves this through allowing the optic nerve and retina to completely rest from any external light or activity. The palms touching your eye orbits also brings healing attention and energy to the eyes.

  • Eye Exercise 3: Sunning Eye Exercise

    The Sunning eye exercise accomplishes several important, related things. It reduces light sensitivity and thereby reduces the tendency to squint in bright light. It also causes the pupils to fully contract thereby creating sharper vision. At the same time this eye exercise stimulates the macula. Since the macula needs bright light to become fully active, the macula is underutilized if our eyes are not exposed to sunlight.

Natural Vision Improvement Question of the week

In the question of the week this week we discuss the best way to find the right eye exercises if you are short on time.

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  • Itamar Meyer

    Hello my name is Itamar.
    since when I was young I have had glasses in order to correct my farsightedness.
    I have read Meir Schneider’s books about fixing one’s vision, I have watched your video about farsighteddness and read dozens of articles about the topic.

    since I started my interest in Fixing farsightedness,I have had a difficult time understanding how the exercises acctually help to improve my farsightedness since hyperopia is something you are born with and changing the shape of the eye seems like an impossible thing to me.

    I went to an eye doctor today and he told me that hyperopia cant be fixed and in his words, my condition won’t improve nor deteriorate because the shape of the eye cant be changed, and therefor I’m “doomed” to wear eyeglasses

    My question is that-
    could you please help me understand more about fixing hyperopia. In order for me to truely beleive in the exercises that you suggest , I must understand how it works.

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