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ESH #69 | Get Rid of Glasses: A Success Story


Interview Mics

A large percentage of our vision improvement community is trying to get rid of their glasses. Although we encourage people to have this as an end goal we also encourage people to to focus more on vision improvement even if they still need to wear glasses at times. Nevertheless, it is always great to hear from people who are close to getting rid of their glasses. In this week’s podcast we interview someone who is nearing that end goal.


How to Get Rid of Glasses

Along with eye exercises we encourage people to lower their prescription incrementally allowing the eyes to adapt back to their normal natural way of seeing.

In this podcast we hear a story from Sue who is a vision improvement practitioner in the Meir Schneider method as well as various forms of bodywork.

You will hear how she uses reduced prescription glasses to slowly work her way back to seeing without glasses. She also discusses some astigmatism eye  exercises that she discovered on her own and how she integrates eye exercises like distance looking into her daily routine.

Question of the week

In this weeks question we answer where is the best place to get flashing lights for the peripheral vision eye exercise.

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