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ESH #71 | Meir Schneider


Dr Meir Schneider first started to use the eye exercises found in the Bates method to improve eyesight 40 years ago.  Born blind Meir dedicated his life to eye exercises and can now drive a car in California. Founder of the School for Self-Healing and The Meir Schneider Method, he took the eye exercises created by Dr. Bates  and added body movement and massage to maximize its benefits.

 Meir MassageMeir Schneider’s Vision Improvement

Meir was born with congenital cataracts. After five unsuccessful cataract surgeries, leaving behind lenses that were 98% scar tissue the doctors certified him blind and told his parents he should learn braille. At the age of 17 Meir Schneider started practicing the Bates method. Up to 13 hours a day he would work on vision improvement. He found that by incorporating massage into this practice he could start to see objects. After recognizing objects he could start to see large print from up close.

Today Meir has overcome all odds and holds a unrestricted driver’s license in California. His success was such that he found the same principles he adopted to improve his vision could also be adapted to other non vision related conditions. Founder of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco, Meir now works with all conditions including Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis and Polio. Meir also trains people to work on themselves and help others through the art of Self-Healing.

Will Fuller and Meir Schneider

Will was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa a degenerative eye disease that leads to tunnel vision and eventually blindness. For 20 years Will was told nothing could be done to help his eye condition. This changed after he heard a lecture given by Deepak Chopra who mentioned a man called Meir Schnieder who had overcome his blindness through vision improvement exercises. Will immediately bought Meir’s book “My Life and Vision” which motivated him to start performing the eye exercises himself.

As a student of Sport Science and Anatomy Physiology it made sense to Will that the eyes could be exercised just like any other part of the body. After 4 years of performing the eye exercise and seeing improvements, Will moved to San Francisco to train with Dr Meir Schneider to further progress his results and give others the same opportunity he had by coaching them.

Richard Miller and Meir Schneider

Richard Miller was born legally blind with Optic Atrophy. After hearing about the success of Meir Schneider in treating his own blindness, Richard began traveling to San Francisco on a regular basis to receive treatments. Through these treatments and practicing the eye exercises on his own Richard improved his vision to nearly 20/100. He also substantially reduced his myopia and astigmatism prescription and has stopped wearing glasses. Inspired to help others with vision problems, Richard moved to San Francisco three years ago to finish his apprenticeship with Meir.

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