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ESH #1 | Laying the Foundations for Improving Eyesight


How can we lay the foundations for improving eyesight? First, we need to look back to the purpose for which our eyes were designed: namely, hunting and gathering. Our eyes were not designed to spend hours and hours looking at a computer screen, cell phone or even a book. They were designed to look out over the plains or up into a tree for our next meal. In their new free ebook, “A Modern Day Guide for Improving Eyesight” Will and Richard introduce you to two characters, Caveman Dave and Modern Day Mike, as a way of illustrating an important point: how we can integrate the good visual habits of hunter/gatherers back into our modern day life.

Self Healing Question of the Week from Christie who asks, “You say to keep glasses/contacts off as much as possible to allow eyes to adjust naturally, however, I cannot see without them.” It does take time to adjust to the blur and to break the habit of wearing glasses so be patient with yourself. As an alternative to completely getting rid of your glasses right away get a cooperative optometrist to prescribe a second pair of glasses that are slightly weaker (half a diopter). Wear those weaker ones when you don’t need full correction, where you feel safe not seeing perfectly clear. Wear your full correction for driving or anything else where maximum acuity is critical. If you only need your glasses to drive, leave them in your car so you’re not tempted to put them on otherwise. Over time you will be able to reduce your prescription gradually and eventually get rid of your glasses completely.

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