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ESH #3 | The Importance of Blinking and Moving Your Eyes

Extra ocular eye

In this week’s podcast we address two topics: blinking and eye movement.

We don’t blink enough anymore. The natural rate of blinking is 20 times per minute. However, in our modern day lives filled with digital information we reduce our rate of blinking down to 4 or 5 times per minute as we stare at our computer or smart phone. Not blinking helps concentration but it takes away the essential benefits of blinking. Blinking coats the eyeball with a tear film that protects the eye from infection. This tear film also creates a smooth surface on our corneas so that light rays entering the eye are straight. If we reduce our rate of blinking we create dry eyes, a greater risk of infection, eyestrain and blurred vision. Blinking eye exercises can return our eyes to a healthy condition and improve our vision.

Again, as an effort to concentrate on information, in our modern day we tend to look only straight ahead, moving our eyes very little. This is not natural either. Our eyes were meant to freely roam around. The extra ocular muscles that attach to the outside of the eyeball responsible for eye movement need to be strong, relaxed and flexible. Our modern lifestyle makes them tight and weak. We can take our eyes to the gym by doing Eye Rotations, returning the healthy tone to these important muscles.

This week’s question comes from a young student who wants to stop wearing his glasses, but he is worried about not seeing the blackboard.

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