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Bringing Balance to the Eyes

Balancing Both eyes

  Very few people think about balance of the eye when it comes to improving eyesight. It’s understandable that most people want to cut straight to the chase and work…

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ESH #14 | The Keys to a Successful Eye Exercise Program Pt 2 Time Management

Eye Exercise Time Management

We all know the benefits eye exercises have for improving our eyesight, but how do we fit them into such busy lifestyles!? In this podcast Will and Richard discus…

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Vision Test Preparation

William Fuller shifting eye exercise with charts

  Everybody sees an eye specialist at some point. Whether it’s at an opticians or seeing an ophthalmologist, getting our eyes regularly tested helps make sure they are healthy and…

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ESH #10 | The First Step In Improving Eyesight “Learn”

Envision slef healing learn

The topic of this weeks podcast is taking the first step in improving eyesight. This comes from our three step approach to self-healing of Learn, Create, Integrate. The first…

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A Good Mindset for Getting Rid of Your Glasses


Getting rid of your glasses can be a shock at first. It can be tough to deal with all that blur. Richard Miller of Envision Self-Healing talks about two strategies…

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