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Bringing Balance to the Eyes


Very few people think about balance of the eye when it comes to improving eyesight. It’s understandable that most people want to cut straight to the chase and work on the eye exercises that will improve acuity and start reading further down the chart.

Balancing Both eyesHowever, just like a learning to walk before we run reducing the strain that modern day lifestyle and eye conditions put on our visual systems is essential for natural vision improvement.

The first part of visual balance is between the dominant and non-dominant eye. You will also want to bring balance between the stronger and weaker eye as far as acuity is concerned. This prevents one eye working harder than the other, reducing eye strain.

The second part is to balance the peripheral vision with the central vision. You can think of it like antagonistic muscles that work together to provide movement. If we use one one muscle more than the other then we create an imbalance leading to strain.

Finally for those with more challenging visual conditions you will want to work with the areas of your eyesight that are not as strong as the other parts of the visual system. For example with Retinitis Pigmentosa you want to work in the periphery. If you have something like optic atrophy you will want to work in the areas of your vision that are less strong.

Good luck with your eye exercises this week and happy healing!

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