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Tag Archives: vision habits

Why is Vision Clearer in Sunlight?

Why is Vision Clearer in Sunlight

  Has anyone else noticed that, when doing  eye exercises, their vision clearer u sunlight than indoors? Well this is not a problem with your eyesight, rather, you are experiencing…

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ESH #18 | Getting Vision Improvement Back On Track

Getting vision improvement back on track

In this podcast Will and Richard talk about getting their vision improvement programs back on track after spending nearly 3 weeks out of their routines in Brazil. Will advocates…

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Bringing Balance to the Eyes

Balancing Both eyes

  Very few people think about balance of the eye when it comes to improving eyesight. It’s understandable that most people want to cut straight to the chase and work…

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The Art of NOT Seeing Part 3 – Underusing The Non-Dominant Eye

Eye exercise for dominant eye

  In this third and final blog in my Art of NOT seeing trilogy, I will be looking at how our societal behaviors have lead us to have poorer vision…

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ESH #16 | The Importance of Understanding Your Condition

the importance of understang your condtiion

This podcast comes to you from Brazil where Will and Richard are studying eye anatomy with a group of experts in self healing and the science behind it. In…

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The Art of NOT Seeing Part 2 – Underusing The Pupil

Sunning Eye Exercise Will Fuller

  Last week I talked about how, as a society, we have developed an art of NOT seeing. By this, I mean that there are aspects of our vision that…

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ESH #15 | The Keys to a Successful Eye Exercise Program Pt 3: Creating A Support Network

Support is an essential part of being successful in vision improvement. We find that those of you who have some form of support are more likely to improve their…

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The Art of NOT Seeing Part 1 – Underusing Peripheral Vision

underusing peripheral vision

  The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley is a great book for building better visual habits and for gaining a background into the subject of vision improvement. Throughout a…

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Vision Test Preparation

William Fuller shifting eye exercise with charts

  Everybody sees an eye specialist at some point. Whether it’s at an opticians or seeing an ophthalmologist, getting our eyes regularly tested helps make sure they are healthy and…

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ESH #13 | The Keys to a Successful Eye Exercise Program Pt 1: Correct Technique

William Fuller Swinging Eye Exercise

Sorry, it is important to follow the directions when you first start an eye exercise program. Will and Richard tell you why in this podcast.

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