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The Art of NOT Seeing Part 1 – Underusing Peripheral Vision


The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley is a great book for building better visual habits and for gaining a background into the subject of vision improvement.

Throughout a 3 part series, I will be looking at “The Art of NOT Seeing” and how, as a society, we have the capability of seeing but we not using it to its highest potential.

The first area of vision which we tend to ignore is our periphery. Our eyesight is designed to utilize our peripheral vision. The eye has 120 million rods cells, which are responsible for seeing peripheral vision, and only 6 million cones, which are used for colour and detail.

underusing peripheral visionWhen thinking of our ancestors, it’s easy to see why this would be the case. Rod cells detect motion, so we would not have lasted long if we could not see the world around us. Whether it was hunting or being hunted, we needed a large field of vision to detect dinner or, if we were going to be dinner ourselves.

Rod cells also detect low levels of light, which without, we all would have been night blind. Again, it’s easy to see that without such an amazing capability, we would have been easy prey at night and would have found it very difficult to function in the dark.

In our modern day lives our need to survive has shifted to our central vision. This is easy to understand when such an emphasis is placed on reading and writing. Furthermore, with our leisure time being taken up with television, internet and more reading, we spend a large portion of our day working our central vision.

By tuning into our peripheral vision from time to time and performing such eye exercises as the Peripheral Vision Eye Exercise, we help overcome this unbalance in the eyes.

Good luck with your eye exercises this week and happy healing!

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  • Joseph Jimenez

    I had a heart attack and stroke in Dec. As a result I lost total vision in my right eye and only partial vision in my left eye. My central vision is compromised especially on distance objects. What is particularly bothersome is my lack of peripheral vision. I would love to clearly see my wife’s beautiful face again. I have an eye doctor who has been working with me through various eye exercises to increase my vision. Your products might be a good supplement to her work with me. Which products do you feel would be most helpful to me? Thank you for any information you can give me.

    • Envision Admin

      The Eye Exercise Express would be a good addition to the eye exercises you are already doing. This product gives you a virtual eye exercise coach to help motivate you. Ideally we would have a few private sessions with you to understand your condition and to determine which exercises you should do. We understand that this might not be something you are able to do right now. We would also recommend doing body exercises like head rotations and self massage to increase blood flow to your eyes.

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