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Eye Obstruction Exercise for Optic Atrophy

Eye Obstruction Glasses

Can you revive atrophied cells, bring them back to life, by simply using them again? How about doing this with the optic nerve? In this blog Richard Miller of Envision…

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Rainy Day Eye Exercises Part 2: Palming Eye Exercise

Rainy day eye exercise part 2

  Don’t let those rainy days keep you from doing your eye exercises.  Keep your vision improvement program on track! In this second of three blog post series, I will…

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ESH #10 | The First Step In Improving Eyesight “Learn”

Envision slef healing learn

The topic of this weeks podcast is taking the first step in improving eyesight. This comes from our three step approach to self-healing of Learn, Create, Integrate. The first…

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Myopic Posture

Myopic Posture

How does your eyesight affect your posture? People who are nearsighted (myopic) or have low vision tend to lean their head forward in an effort to see. To compensate for…

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Rainy Day Eye Exercises Part 1

Rainy Day Eye Exercises

  Everybody likes doing eye exercises when it is a beautiful sunny day and our eyes feel active, rejuvenated and are seeing clearer. However, what about those days when it’s…

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ESH #9 | Your Eyes Can Improve Just Like Any Other Part of Your Body!

Can your eyesight improve? If your eyes are just like any other part of your body why can’t they improve? In this podcast Will and Richard challenge the unspoken…

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Understanding Your Glasses’ Prescription

Is your glasses prescription a mystery to you? Do you even know what it is? Do you know how well you see? 20/20? 20/80? In this blog Richard Miller of…

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Top Tip for Eye Exercise Success

top tip for eye exercise

  Eye exercises are an essential part of vision improvement. So then, how can we make sure we are not making the big mistake that so many of those who…

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ESH #8 | How to Create Your Vision Improvement Program

Integrating Eye Exercises

In this episode Will and Richard discuss the importance of creating and maintaining a vision improvement eye exercise program. You will also hear how Richard is discovering new technologies…

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Stem Cell Treatment for Optic Atrophy: My Gut Reaction

Stem Cells?

In this more personal, from the gut blog I question whether stem cell treatment would be right for me. What are the risks? Why is this being done in China and not in the West?

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