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Try This Eye Exercise for Optic Atrophy

Optic Atrophy Exercise

I use this eye exercise to stimulate dormant cells in the blind spots of both of my eyes.

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Retinitis Pigmentosa Eye Exercise to Improve Eyesight

Retinitis pigmentods eye exercise

  This week’s blog was inspired by an email from one of our audience members who has Retinitis Pigmentosa and is working hard to improve his eyesight. However, he was…

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ESH #6 | How Peripheral Vision and Blood Flow Improve Eyesight

Peripheral Vision

Tune in to the world around you! Use your peripheral vision! How can increased blood flow help optic nerve atrophy, macular degeneration and glaucoma? Will and Richard discuss these topics and more.

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Photography As An Eye Exercise

Photography As An Eye Exercise

I use photography as an eye exercise. Photography engages my brain with what I am seeing. It gets me to look at rather than ignore the visual world around me….

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Meditate and Do Eye Exercises at the Same Time

Buddha Eyes

  Can we meditate and do eye exercises at the same time? Richard Miller of Envision Self-Healing shows three ways he has integrated eye exercises into his meditation practice. He…

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ESH #5 | Flex Your Lens and Look At Details to Improve Your Eyesight

Flex the lens of the Eye

In our modern day lifestyle we are making two big mistakes with our vision to make it blurry. First, we spend all day long looking close. Looking close contracts…

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Can Blood Flow Improve Eyesight?

Good flow improves eyesight

  It’s something none of us can live without… but can having better blood flow help improve eyesight? To answer this question it helps to remember the blood’s basic functions,…

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ESH #4 | How the Shape of Your Eyeball and the Strength of Your Pupil Makes Eyesight Clearer

Nearsightedness or Myopia

In this podcast Richard and Will discuss how our eyeballs lose their natural spherical shape by looking close all the time (become nearsighted or myopic) and how we can…

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Are You Overusing or Underusing Your Macula?

Central Vision, Macula

  This sure sounds like a meaningless question, right? It’s only important to a couple of eye geeks like Will and Richard, right? Actually the answer is very important to…

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Does Stress and Anxiety Make Eyesight Worse?

busy san francisco street

  By now we all know that stress and anxiety have a negative effect on our bodies and mind, but what about our vision? I divided the effects into physical…

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