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ESH #75 | Get Rid of Your Glasses: Another Success Story!


Get Rid of GlassesThere is a whole lot of skepticism out there when it comes to eye exercises and getting rid of your glasses. If you ask around you will get authoritative declarations that “eye exercises don’t work” from either people who have never tried the exercises or from someone who tried them once for a week. So how would you feel if you heard that “eye exercises definitely do work” from an expert on exercising every other part of the human body?

Another Success Story!

In this week’s podcast (in between back exercises) Richard talks to Gustavo, a dedicated personal trainer for the past thirty years about his success with the eye exercises.

Gustavo had a moment of reckoning when he realized he could no longer read the small type on his smartphone. At first, he gave into the prevailing belief that eyes are different than every other part of the body; that eyes can only get worse and not better. Reluctantly, he bought his first pair of glasses even though no one in his family had every worn them. He blamed it on his computer use and some intense, high tech intelligence equipment he used in the Marines. Then he heard about our work helping people improve their vision naturally with exercises and it immediately clicked. It made so much sense that the eyes are subject to the same “use it or lose it” rule.

Using the same reasoning he had applied to the larger muscles of the body, Gustavo began to exercise his eyes. Years of working and relaxing the body also gave him the instinct that straining the eyes was harmful to vision. He learned to see with less effort.

After a couple of weeks of doing a variety of eye exercises he began to see improvement. After only six weeks he was able to read the smallest type on his smartphone. Gustavo was happy for three reasons. First, he could see those fine details that he had forgotten were there. Second, he could see that his philosophy that exercise and relaxation can bring vitality and youth back to the body also applied to his eyes. Third, he didn’t have to wear those ugly glasses!

The Envision Self-Healing Approach

Gustavo also saw a major difference in our take on eye exercises. As an exercise professional he is well acquainted with the difficulty of following through on an exercise regimen and he could see that we were taking an approach that was more sensible and fun. We like to encourage our clients to do eye exercises in the flow of their everyday lives, a short exercise her and there throughout the day. This makes an eye exercise program more lighter and easier to fit into a busy schedule.

Question of the week

In this week’s question we describe hot to do the Sunning Eye even if you have a stiff neck.

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