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Tag Archives: retinitis pigmentosa

ESH #32 | Understanding A Holistic Approach To Vision Improvement Part 4 : Muscle Tension

In this podcast Will and Richard talk about the importance of paying attention to your body when you are trying to improve your eyesight. Keeping a good posture, developing cardiovascular…

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ESH #31 | Understanding a Holistic Approach to Natural Vision Improvement Part 3: The Mind

discovering eye exercses to improve eyesight

In this podcast Will and Richard talk about the role of the mind in a holistic approach to natural vision improvement. They cover the need for strong motivation and the…

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ESH #24 | Using Nutrition To Improve Your Eyesight

Using Nutrition to Improve Eyesight

In this podcast Will talks about his trip to England and France while Richard talks about remodeling his new house and how their vision conditions played into these two…

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ESH #21 | Eye Exercise Express A Quick Start Guide to Improving Your Eyesight Part 2

Eye Exercise Express Picture

In this weeks podcast William and Richard answer some of those burning questions you have about eye exercises. They relate these questions to the new Eye Exercise Express – A…

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ESH #20 | Eye Exercise Express – A Quick Start Guide to Improving Your Eyesight

Eye Exercise Express

In this podcast we tell the story of how we came up with our brand new eye exercise audio guide, the “Eye Exercise Express: A Quick Start Guide To…

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Turn Your IPhone or IPad Into An Eye Exercise Machine!

  Modern technology is causing many vision problems. I could tell you to give up your smart phone, tablet and computer for the sake of your eyes, but that is…

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ESH #19 | Fitting Eye Exercises Into Your Life

In the topic of the week section of this podcast Will and Richard talk about how they fit eye exercises into the flow of their daily lives. Will talks…

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ESH #18 | Getting Vision Improvement Back On Track

Getting vision improvement back on track

In this podcast Will and Richard talk about getting their vision improvement programs back on track after spending nearly 3 weeks out of their routines in Brazil. Will advocates…

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ESH #16 | The Importance of Understanding Your Condition

the importance of understang your condtiion

This podcast comes to you from Brazil where Will and Richard are studying eye anatomy with a group of experts in self healing and the science behind it. In…

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The Art of NOT Seeing Part 1 – Underusing Peripheral Vision

underusing peripheral vision

  The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley is a great book for building better visual habits and for gaining a background into the subject of vision improvement. Throughout a…

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