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ESH #8 | How to Create Your Vision Improvement Program

Integrating Eye Exercises

In this episode Will and Richard discuss the importance of creating and maintaining a vision improvement eye exercise program. You will also hear how Richard is discovering new technologies…

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ESH #7 | Relax and Balance Your Eyes


What role does the brain play in our seeing? What is the role of the optic nerve? Find out from two vision improvement guys.

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ESH #6 | How Peripheral Vision and Blood Flow Improve Eyesight

Peripheral Vision

Tune in to the world around you! Use your peripheral vision! How can increased blood flow help optic nerve atrophy, macular degeneration and glaucoma? Will and Richard discuss these topics and more.

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ESH #5 | Flex Your Lens and Look At Details to Improve Your Eyesight

Flex the lens of the Eye

In our modern day lifestyle we are making two big mistakes with our vision to make it blurry. First, we spend all day long looking close. Looking close contracts…

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ESH #4 | How the Shape of Your Eyeball and the Strength of Your Pupil Makes Eyesight Clearer

Nearsightedness or Myopia

In this podcast Richard and Will discuss how our eyeballs lose their natural spherical shape by looking close all the time (become nearsighted or myopic) and how we can…

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ESH #3 | The Importance of Blinking and Moving Your Eyes

Extra ocular eye

In this week’s podcast we address two topics: blinking and eye movement. We don’t blink enough anymore. The natural rate of blinking is 20 times per minute. However, in…

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ESH #2 | Putting Vision Improvement Into Practice

Books to improve eyesight

In this podcast Richard talks about his 10 day juice fast and Will talks about starting to see the ceiling and floor at the same time. In the topic…

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ESH #1 | Laying the Foundations for Improving Eyesight

Road Work sign for improving eyesight

  How can we lay the foundations for improving eyesight? First, we need to look back to the purpose for which our eyes were designed: namely, hunting and gathering….

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The Beginning

Envision Self Healing logo

Welcome to our first joint blog. We are Will Fuller and Richard Miller, co-creators of Envision Self Healing, a website devoted to helping people along their journey of self-healing. We…

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